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Before I announce those moving on to the second round, I would just like to thank all who participated. I was never expecting so many people to join, but I am thankful. It was a tough bunch of entries to choose from, and remember, even if you weren't did your utmost best. :D :D Also due to immense amount of talent, I couldn't settle for 10 so I added an 11th person to Round 2. :iconmonkeythumbplz:

So let's have the first results!!!! :iconafraidmonkeyplz:

1. :iconceric1:MizterSiah Contest Entry Ceric1 by Ceric1

2. :iconreallydarkandwindie:Cybug and Chiprane - Contest Entries by ReallyDarkandWindie

3. :iconluisbrain:[CONTEST] Volcano Ants by LuisBrain

4. :iconjai-ti:FKM #027 Buxxel #028 Boxmoo by Jai-Ti

5. :iconlorenzolivrieri:Coagull and Gullstrom - Fakemon Dex by LorenzoLivrieri

6. :iconeventhorizontal:Contest Swampsters by EventHorizontal

7. :iconadamfegarido:Skull Mushrooms Contest Entry by AdamFegarido

8. :iconkronnick:Contest Entry: Kelp! by KronnicK

9. :iconfrozenfeather:Chandelier by FrozenFeather

10. :iconpapermachei:CONTEST ENTRY: Caribou Moss by Papermachei

11. :iconkottrman:Contest entry - The Sand Snakes by Kottrman


A huge congrats to all those moving on to the second Round!!

P.S. The order listed above was not who came in from first to last...but random. ;)

:bulletred: ROUND 2 :bulletred:

** Only the winners are eligible for the second and final round. **



So for this final round, your task is to create a single stage rival Zangoose & Seviper. However, like the previous Round, you would be assigned something to base them off of. I'm calling this round the..."Historic Rivals Challenge!!"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Above you are 5 different eras of history. Each of you all have been assigned 1 of these eras to base one of the rivals off of. You now, must choose another era to base your second rival off of. You will be noted the era assigned to you, and you must reply with the era you chose. It can't be the same era given to you...just to make it an epic rivalry!!! That's it!!!



Wednesday 21st October, 2015 12:00PM Pacific Time ( 2nd Round )

Judging for this Round will be heavily based on the concepts for both rivals and also how they became rivals. Same rules apply from the previous Round. With that, I wish you all good luck!!!


A heartfelt thank you to everyone that entered this contest. To those who were unable to time. ;) 
I will post up the results for the first round, as soon as I can. So stay tuned folks!!!
:D :D 


Hey everyone soo as the title says, this is a "Farewell Contest." Recently I made the decision to leave Deviantart and I thought the best way to end my journey, was to have a grand contest!!!! Soo let's go!!!!


So I'll be doing this contest a little different this time. It's made up of 2 rounds.......Round 1 & Round 2. After the 1st Round is completed, the best designs will be chosen to compete in the 2nd Round where I choose the winner.

:bulletblue: 1st Round - 10 of the best will move on to the 2nd Round
:bulletpurple: 2nd Round - Winner will be chosen

Ok now that's out of the way, let's begin.


** Your task is to create a 2 stage fakemon meaning "2 fakemon", based on a certain environment. I have gathered different types of environments that I will randomly select and give to each entrant, via note. **


Your entries would be something you would find in your assigned in it's habitat. Eg. If you receive The "Jungle" Environment, there are many things you can find there. Birds, monkeys, insects, plants, flowers, roots......
The sky is the limit  as to what you can create. Once you can tell that it can be found in your environment. :D

Below are just a few of the types of environments that I have selected for you all, just to get your creative juices flowing. :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Right..... so you now have an idea of what environments to expect. ;)



* One entry per person
* Digital or Traditional accepted
* Must be colored
* Must be based on an environment assigned to you.
* Have loads of fun!!!!



Simply comment below in this journal, putting your username and the link to your entry. Easy as that!!!



So I'm going big with this last contest!!!

:bulletorange: 1st Place - 700 Points + Fanart of pokemon or fakemon of your choice
:bulletorange: 2nd Place - 300 Points + Lineart of fakemon of your choice
:bulletorange: 3rd Place - 150 Points + Sketch of pokemon or fakemon of choice



Monday 5th October, 2015 12:00PM Pacific Time ( 1st Round )


Would just like to thank everyone for all the support on Deviantart. Means alot to me. :iconmonkeyloveplz:
Share this contest with everyone!!! Would love to see lots of entries. :D :D

With that said........Let's have fun and let the Farewell Contest Begin!!!!!



1. :iconfranmagius:

2. :iconastralshock:MizterSiah Contest Entry by astralshock Ocean Environment

3. :iconezequielsosa:contest entri Toxic dragons by ezequielsosa Toxic Wasteland Environment

4. :iconzdavidx:Volfin and  Sharkano (Contest Entry) by zdavidx Volcanic Environment

5. :iconarcanemagikarp:

6. :icontoxicwyvern:Nestree and Canapex by ToxicWyvern Rainforest Environment

7. :iconpaganzo:

8. :iconyaymage:MizterSiah Contest Submission: Misfae and Regale by Yaymage Sky Environment

9. :iconwesleyfkmn: - Shyeti and Freezyeti by WesleyFKMN Arctic Environment

10. :iconmegafiretrainer2003: - Contest entry by MegaFireTrainer2003 Ocean Environment

11. :iconadamfegarido: - Skull Mushrooms Contest Entry by AdamFegarido Haunted Environment

12. :iconzetawolf242: - MizterSiah Contest Entry: Impeaf and Agilevil by ZetaWolf242 Jungle Environment

13. :iconmagistrum: - Sprotten-Putrigant by Magistrum Rainforest Environment

14. :iconraizhuw-the-real: - Contest: Froxen / Arctiken by RaiZhuW-The-Real  Underground Environment

15. :iconshuckled: - Fakemon Contest Entry: Unox and Corpusurp by Shuckled Alien Environment

16. :icononeilmarty: - Thundersheep by oneilmarty Stormy Environment

17. :icondreamfang: -

18. :iconjtortitas: - Pokemon - Angea Region - N ???-??? by JTortitas Swamp Environment

19. :iconkottrman:Contest entry - The Sand Snakes by Kottrman Desert Environment

20. :icontruvonast: -

21. :iconlorenzolivrieri: - Coagull and Gullstrom - Fakemon Dex by LorenzoLivrieri Stormy Environment

22. :iconeventhorizontal: - Contest Swampsters by EventHorizontal Swamp Environment

23. :icongjsq: - Sewer Gators by GJSQ City Environment

24. :iconastadyl: - Stalagander - Dragolm by Astadyl Underground Environment

25. :iconhyshirey: - Pompei phantoms by Hyshirey Volcanic Environment

26. :iconcjdraw: - Contest: Ginig and Lemisk by CJdraw Tundra Environment

27. :iconodraian:

28. :iconinfawno:Shamin and Shamafrost by Infawno Arctic

29. :iconfrozenfeather:Chandelier by FrozenFeather Haunted Environment

30. :iconkimchikat:[Contest] Vampire Bats by kimchikat Sky Environment

31. :icondragongrasstrainer: - Flying Jerboas by DragonGrassTrainer Desert Environment

32. :iconlipompo:

33. :iconrsc-cooper-inc:Temray and Temyvray by RSC-Cooper-Inc Stormy Environment

34. :iconturboel:#023 Tadlet - #024 Bulbetol by Turboel Jungle Environment

35. :iconsamjoos:Owl Fakemon: Contest by Samjoos Sky Environment

36. :iconmegarezfan: -

37. :iconjust-a-pokeguy:[Contest Entry] City Habitat-Based Fakemon by Just-A-PokeGuy City Environment

38. :icontsunfished:Slicky and Polymoor by Tsunfished Toxic Wasteland Environment

39. :iconhananas59:Baba yaga fakemon (Contest entry) by hananas59 Haunted Environment

40. :icongrasssatrand:

41. :iconmaster-cordelius:Futuristic Pokemon by Master-Cordelius Futuristic Environment

42. :iconkunnykun: - [Contest] Volcanic environment: sharks by kunnykun Volcanic Environment

43. :iconceric1: - MizterSiah Contest Entry Ceric1 by Ceric1 Swamp Environment

44. :iconpottini: -

45. :iconhazard100: -

46. :iconfakemonvevo:Contest Time! by FakemonVEVO Underground Environment

47. :iconicetrainer: - MizterSiah's Contest Entry by IceTrainer Desert Environment

48. :iconkronnick:Contest Entry: Kelp! by KronnicK Ocean Environment

49. :iconsteffenka: - Contest entry: MizterSiah by Steffenka Grassland Environment

50. :icontcroagunk:Contest Entry - The City Rats by Tcroagunk City Environment

51. :iconbrasiopkmn:

52. :iconluisbrain:[CONTEST] Volcano Ants by LuisBrain Volcanic Environment

53. :iconkirakinn:

54. :iconreallydarkandwindie: - Cybug and Chiprane - Contest Entries by ReallyDarkandWindie Futuristic Environment

55. :iconcrisfarias: -

56. :iconxlitleoy: - Lnyx and Bhancatsos by XlitleoY Haunted Environment

57. :iconpapermachei: - CONTEST ENTRY: Caribou Moss by Papermachei Tundra Environment

58. :iconnozakiruisu: - [CONTEST] Spotted Felines by NozakiRuisu Rainforest Environment

59. :iconzosai: -

60. :iconthebootanuki97: -

61. :iconrayquazamaster:Skibbayou and Tiktaayou by RayquazaMaster Swamp Environment

62. :iconmanuduran:Penguin Ice (Contest entry) by manuduran Arctic Environment

63. :iconpitchblackpheonix90:

64. :iconfrozen-echo:

65. :iconraileatu:

66. :icongrassyxertal:

67. :iconnightmareserum:Mouth Flaps by NightmareSerum Desert Environment

68. :iconpepsicmb:

69. :iconjai-ti:FKM #027 Buxxel #028 Boxmoo by Jai-Ti Grassland Environment

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